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  • ISBN : 2747026515
  • Total de Pages : 189 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Jeudi 0 March 19, 2009
  • Auteur : Claude Merle
  • Éditeur : Bayard Jeunesse
  • Nom de Fichier : spartacus

Spartacus est écrit par Claude Merleavec un total de 189 pages et publié par Bayard Jeunesse le March 19, 2009.

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The Risen: A Novel of Spartacus

the risen a novel of spartacus
  • ISBN : 038553566X
  • Total de Pages : 496 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mardi 3 Mai 2016
  • Auteur : David Anthony Durham
  • Éditeur : Doubleday
  • Nom de Fichier : the-risen-a-novel-of-spartacus

The Risen: A Novel of Spartacus est écrit par David Anthony Durhamavec un total de 496 pages et publié par Doubleday le 2016-05-03.

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From the author of the widely praised Pride of Carthage, the superb fictional rendering of Hannibal’s epic military campaigns against Carthage’s archenemy Rome, comes the perfect follow-up: an equally superb novel of the legendary gladiator Spartacus and the vast slave revolt he led that came ever so close to bringing Rome, with its supposedly invincible legions, to its knees. In this thrilling and panoramic historical novel we see one of the most storied uprisings of classical times from multiple points of view: Spartacus, the visionary captive and gladiator whose toughness and charisma turn a prison break into a multi-cultural revolt that threatens an empire; his consort, the oracular Astera, whose connection to the spirit world and its omens guides the uprising’s progress; Nonus, a Roman soldier working both sides of the conflict in a half-adroit, half-desperate attempt to save his life; Laelia and Hustus, two shepherd children drawn into the ranks of the slave rebellion; Kaleb, the slave secretary to Crassus, the Roman senator and commander saddled with the unenviable task of quashing an insurrection of mere slaves; and other players in a vast spectacle of bloodshed, heroism, and treachery.     In the pages of The Risen—the term the slaves in revolt have adopted for themselves—an entire, teeming world comes into view with great clarity and titanic drama, with nothing less than the future of the ancient world at stake. No one brings more verve, intelligence, and freshness to the novel of the classical age than David Anthony Durham.

Gladiator Son of Spartacus

gladiator son of spartacus
  • ISBN : 0141338741
  • Total de Pages : 304 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mardi 29 Avril 2014
  • Auteur : Simon Scarrow
  • Éditeur : Puffin
  • Nom de Fichier : gladiator-son-of-spartacus

Gladiator Son of Spartacus est écrit par Simon Scarrowavec un total de 304 pages et publié par Puffin le 2014-04-29.

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FREE from slavery, Marcus is determined to find and save his kidnapped mother. Meanwhile, his master Julius Caesar wants Marcus to help destroy the bands of rebel slaves and their leader Brixus, who plans to unite a slave army and resurrect the cause of Spartacus. But Marcus and Brixus are old allies who share a life-threatening secret. Marcus is torn between his friend and master. Can he convince Brixus now is not the time for a deadly revolt - and ask Caesar to negotiate a slave surrender before more carnage and bloodshed? ** From the #1 bestselling adult author Simon Scarrow - over 1 million copies sold. ** The perfect introduction to Roman history and gladiators for young readers - great for fans of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter. ** Book 3 in the series.

Spartacus: Morituri

spartacus morituri
  • ISBN : 0857681788
  • Total de Pages : 320 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mardi 21 Août 2012
  • Auteur : Mark Morris
  • Éditeur : Titan Books
  • Nom de Fichier : spartacus-morituri

Spartacus: Morituri est écrit par Mark Morrisavec un total de 320 pages et publié par Titan Books le 2012-08-21.

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Drawn to the bloody violence of the fights, Crassus, an Equites who aims at the Praetorship, sets up his own gladiatorial school, while Batiatus and Solonius vie with each other for Crassus's favor. Original. TV tie-in.

Spartacus: Die Götter und die Toten: Roman (German Edition)

spartacus die g?tter und die toten roman german edition
  • ISBN :
  • Total de Pages : 433 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Lundi 12 Mai 2014
  • Auteur : Mark Morris
  • Éditeur : Heyne Verlag
  • Nom de Fichier : spartacus-die-götter-und-die-toten-roman-german-edition

Spartacus: Die Götter und die Toten: Roman (German Edition) est écrit par Mark Morrisavec un total de 433 pages et publié par Heyne Verlag le 2014-05-12.

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Das Haus des Gladiatorenmeisters Quintus Batiatus, das durch Spartacus zu großem Ruhm gelangt ist, droht zu fallen. Der mysteriöse griechische Lanista Hieronymos will die Macht in Capua an sich reißen, protegiert durch den mächtigen Marcus Crassus. Seine Gladiatoren können nahezu jede Schlacht in der Arena für sich entscheiden – sie scheinen unbesiegbar. Batiatus bleibt nur eine Wahl: Er setzt seinen ersten Kämpfer Spartacus auf Hieronymos an. Es beginnt ein blutiges Ringen um die Macht in Capua ...

I Am Spartacus!: Making a Film, Breaking the Blacklist

i am spartacus making a film breaking the blacklist
  • ISBN :
  • Total de Pages : 220 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mardi 12 Juin 2012
  • Auteur : Kirk Douglas
  • Éditeur : Open Road Media
  • Nom de Fichier : i-am-spartacus-making-a-film-breaking-the-blacklist

I Am Spartacus!: Making a Film, Breaking the Blacklist est écrit par Kirk Douglasavec un total de 220 pages et publié par Open Road Media le 2012-06-12.

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A “lively” memoir by the Hollywood legend about the making of Spartacus, with a foreword by George Clooney (Los Angeles Times).  One of the world’s most iconic movie stars, Kirk Douglas has distinguished himself as a producer, philanthropist, and author of ten works of fiction and memoir. Now, more than fifty years after the release of his enduring epic Spartacus, Douglas reveals the riveting drama behind the making of the legendary gladiator film. Douglas began producing the movie in the midst of the politically charged era when Hollywood’s moguls refused to hire anyone accused of Communist sympathies. In a risky move, Douglas chose Dalton Trumbo, a blacklisted screenwriter, to write Spartacus. Trumbo was one of the “Unfriendly Ten,” men who had gone to prison rather than testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee about their political affiliations. Douglas’s source material was already a hot property, as the novel Spartacus was written by Howard Fast while he was in jail for defying HUAC. With the financial future of his young family at stake, Douglas plunged into a tumultuous production both on- and off-screen. As both producer and star of the film, he faced explosive moments with young director Stanley Kubrick, struggles with a leading lady, and negotiations with giant personalities, including Sir Laurence Olivier, Charles Laughton, Peter Ustinov, and Lew Wasserman. Writing from his heart and from his own meticulously researched archives, Kirk Douglas, at ninety-five, looks back at his audacious decisions. He made the most expensive film of its era—but more importantly, his moral courage in giving public credit to Trumbo effectively ended the notorious Hollywood blacklist. A master storyteller, Douglas paints a vivid and often humorous portrait in I Am Spartacus! The book is enhanced by newly discovered period photography of the stars and filmmakers both on and off the set.

Spartacus (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 20)

spartacus star trek the next generation no 20
  • ISBN : 0671760513
  • Total de Pages : 276 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Samedi 1 Février 1992
  • Auteur : T.L. Mancour
  • Éditeur : Pocket Books
  • Nom de Fichier : spartacus-star-trek-the-next-generation-no-20

Spartacus (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 20) est écrit par T.L. Mancouravec un total de 276 pages et publié par Pocket Books le 1992-02-01.

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When the "Enterprise" answers a distress call from an alien vessel, Captain Picard becomes involved in a dispute between the beleaguered aliens and a fleet of ships from nearby Vemla who claim them as property

Spartacus: Swords and Ashes

spartacus swords and ashes
  • ISBN : 085768177X
  • Total de Pages : 320 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mardi 3 Janvier 2012
  • Auteur : J.M. Clements
  • Éditeur : Titan Books
  • Nom de Fichier : spartacus-swords-and-ashes

Spartacus: Swords and Ashes est écrit par J.M. Clementsavec un total de 320 pages et publié par Titan Books le 2012-01-03.

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Spartacus is the hit TV show which combines blood-soaked action, exotic sexuality, villainy and heroism. This original novel from the world of Spartacus: Blood and Sand tells a brand newstory of blood, sex and politics set in the uncompromising, visceral world of the arena.The gladiator Spartacus, the new Champion of Capua, fights atthe graveside of a rich man who was brutally murdered by his own slaves. Seeing an opportunity, ambitious lanista Quintus Batiatus plots to seize the dead man’s estate.In the arena blood and death are primetime entertainment. But not all battles are fought upon the sands...

The Spartacus War

the spartacus war
  • ISBN : 1416532064
  • Total de Pages : 288 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mardi 2 Février 2010
  • Auteur : Barry Strauss
  • Éditeur : Simon & Schuster
  • Nom de Fichier : the-spartacus-war

The Spartacus War est écrit par Barry Straussavec un total de 288 pages et publié par Simon & Schuster le 2010-02-02.

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An authoritative account from an expert author: The Spartacus War is the first popular history of the revolt in English. A leading authority on classical military history, Barry Strauss has used recent archaeological discoveries, ancient documents, and on-site investigations to create the most accurate and detailed account of the Spartacus rebellion ever written—and it reads like a first-rate novel.A thrilling story that has inspired novelists and filmmakers: The real-life Spartacus is even more amazing than his fictional counterparts. A slave from Thrace (modern day Bulgaria), possibly of noble origins, he led a shocking rebellion at a gladiatorial school in Capua in 73 BC. Within two years the ranks of his army, which started with fewer than 100 men, swelled to 60,000; they routed nine Roman armies and for a time controlled all of southern Italy. The Roman general Crassus eventually defeated the slave army and while Spartacus apparently died on the field of battle, his body was never recovered. The legend arose that he escaped and remained undefeated..

Spartacus (Revealing Antiquity)

spartacus revealing antiquity
  • ISBN : 0674057783
  • Total de Pages : 208 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mardi 5 Mars 2013
  • Auteur : Aldo Schiavone
  • Éditeur : Harvard University Press
  • Nom de Fichier : spartacus-revealing-antiquity

Spartacus (Revealing Antiquity) est écrit par Aldo Schiavoneavec un total de 208 pages et publié par Harvard University Press le 2013-03-05.

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Spartacus (109?–71 bce), the slave who rebelled against Rome, has been a source of endless fascination, the subject of myth-making in his own time, and of movie-making in ours. Hard facts about the man have always yielded to romanticized tales and mystifications. In this riveting, compact account, Aldo Schiavone rescues Spartacus from the murky regions of legend and brings him squarely into the arena of serious history. Schiavone transports us to Italy of the first century bce, where the pervasive institution of slavery dominates all aspects of Roman life. In this historic landscape, carefully reconstructed by the author, we encounter Spartacus, who is enslaved after deserting from the Roman army to avoid fighting against his native Thrace. Imprisoned in Capua and trained as a gladiator, he leads an uprising that will shake the empire to its foundations. While the grandeur of the Spartacus story has always been apparent, its political significance has been less clear. What were his ambitions? Often depicted as the leader of a class rebellion that was fierce in intent but ragtag in makeup and organization, Spartacus emerges here in a very different light: the commander of an army whose aim was to incite Italy to revolt against Rome and to strike at the very heart of the imperial system. Surprising, persuasive, and highly original, Spartacus challenges the lore and illuminates the reality of a figure whose achievements, and whose ultimate defeat, are more extraordinary and moving than the fictions we make from them.

Spartacus International Gay Guide 2017

spartacus international gay guide 2017
  • ISBN : 3959852495
  • Total de Pages : 980 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Samedi 15 Avril 2017
  • Auteur :
  • Éditeur : Bruno Gmuender
  • Nom de Fichier : spartacus-international-gay-guide-2017

Spartacus International Gay Guide 2017 est écrit par avec un total de 980 pages et publié par Bruno Gmuender le 2017-04-15.

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The international travel guide for gay and bisexual men: the Spartacus International Gay Guide, now in its 46 year, offers tourists not only a worldwide list of bars, hotels, saunas, beaches and self-help groups but also provides an overview of the applicable laws on homosexuality around the world. The Spartacus International Gay Guide 2017 is published by the Bruno Gmünder publishers and offers on 970 pages around 21,000 useful listings: from bars and hotels as well as saunas to trendy shops in over 135 countries. All the tips, where gay and bisexual men can feel at home on their travels were researched and updated.

Spartacus (North Castle Books)

spartacus north castle books
  • ISBN : 156324599X
  • Total de Pages : 372 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Dimanche 22 Septembre 1996
  • Auteur : Howard Fast
  • Éditeur : Routledge
  • Nom de Fichier : spartacus-north-castle-books

Spartacus (North Castle Books) est écrit par Howard Fastavec un total de 372 pages et publié par Routledge le 1996-09-22.

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The best-selling novel about a slave revolt in ancient Rome and the basis for the popular motion picture.