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Reaper's Stand (Reapers Motorcycle Club Book 4)

reaper s stand reapers motorcycle club book 4
  • ISBN :
  • Total de Pages : 354 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Jeudi 0 October 7, 2014
  • Auteur : Joanna Wylde
  • Éditeur : Berkley
  • Nom de Fichier : reaper-s-stand-reapers-motorcycle-club-book-4

Reaper's Stand (Reapers Motorcycle Club Book 4) est écrit par Joanna Wyldeavec un total de 354 pages et publié par Berkley le October 7, 2014.

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As Reapers Motorcycle Club president, Reese "Picnic" Hayes hasgiven his entire life to the club. After losing his wife, he knew he'dnever love another woman. And with two daughters to raise and aclub to manage, that was just fine with him. These days, Reese keeps his relationships free and easy--he definitely doesn't want to waste histime on a glorified cleaning lady like London Armstrong Too bad he's completely obsessed with her. Besides running her own business, London's got her junkie cousin'sdaughter to look after--a more reckless than average eighteen-year-old.Sure she's attracted to the Reapers' president, but she's not stupid.Reese Hayes is a criminal and a thug. But when her young cousin getscaught up with a ruthless drug cartel, Reese might be the only man whocan help her. Now London has to make the hardest decision of herlife--how far will she go to save her family?

Char: A Bad Boy Biker Romance (Black Reapers Motorcycle Club Book 4)

char a bad boy biker romance black reapers motorcycle club book 4
  • ISBN :
  • Total de Pages : 196 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Jeudi 0 March 23, 2018
  • Auteur : Jade Kuzma
  • Éditeur :
  • Nom de Fichier : char-a-bad-boy-biker-romance-black-reapers-motorcycle-club-book-4

Char: A Bad Boy Biker Romance (Black Reapers Motorcycle Club Book 4) est écrit par Jade Kuzmaavec un total de 196 pages le March 23, 2018.

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We all need an escape sometimes...CHARLES"The punk who did this is gonna pay for what he did to me. He can't hide. Not even in a place like Ivory.But I'm gonna need some help if I'm gonna figure this town out. I'm gonna need her help, the girl with so much innocence in her eyes...She looks like she needs my help just as much as I need hers.I'm gonna do everything I can to take care of my business.And when I'm through with my business, I'm gonna do everything I can to pay her back, no matter what it takes..."ASIA"Life in Ivory... I can't think of a more boring existence. That was until I met him.He's not like anybody I've ever met. Forget the muscles, the tattoos, and the leather. No, he's a man, a real man. They don't make 'em like him in Ivory.I'm always looking for the highest bidder. But for him? Yeah, I'll give him a special price..."Welcome to the small town of Ivory, home of friendly townsfolk, honest cops, and motorcycle clubs.Charles is a nomad repping the Black Reapers. He comes to Ivory to settle some personal business with the man who crossed him. On his first night searching for the man who did him wrong, he meets Asia. Asia agrees to work with Charles and find the man he's seeking. As the two of them spend more time with one another, they learn that their lives are more complicated than they ever thought. When secrets are revealed, they both realize that the business of revenge is never so simple...CHAR is a STEAMY standalone MC romance novel featuring a bad boy biker and the woman he'll do anything to protect. It's the fourth book in the BLACK REAPERS MOTORCYCLE CLUB SERIES but can be read as a standalone. It contains scenes of intense action, drama, and suspense. There are no cliffhangers and no cheating. Happy ending? You'll have to read to find out!