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How To Approach Standards Chromatically David Liebman + Cd

how to approach standards chromatically david liebman cd
  • ISBN :
  • Total de Pages : 112 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Lundi 2 Août 2010
  • Auteur : David Liebman
  • Éditeur : Aebersold
  • Nom de Fichier : how-to-approach-standards-chromatically-david-liebman-cd

How To Approach Standards Chromatically David Liebman + Cd est écrit par David Liebmanavec un total de 112 pages et publié par Aebersold le August 2, 2010.

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The most complete method for chromatic improvising over standards! David clearly explains and demonstrates the art of superimposing chords chromatically over standard chord changes (using several popular jazz favorites as his vehicles) to play contemporary sounding jazz lines. Includes standard and superimposed harmony for Girl From Ipanema, Donna Lee, Autumn Leaves, Take The A Train, Satin Doll, Rhythm and Blues Changes, Impressions, India, Loft Dance, and A Love Supreme. The CD contains both verbal instruction and David soloing over the standards using the techniques described in the book. The book contains analysis for each solo and the solos on the CD are transcribed for all C, Bb, and Eb instruments!