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  • ISBN : 1976792126
  • Total de Pages : 197 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mercredi 3 Janvier 2018
  • Auteur : k. n. s.
  • Éditeur : Independently published
  • Nom de Fichier : essence

essence est écrit par k. n. s.avec un total de 197 pages et publié par Independently published le 2018-01-03.

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a series of poems about hope, love, questioning one's existence, and everything else in between.

The New Testament Explorer: Discovering the Essence, Background, and Meaning of Every Book in the New Testament

the new testament explorer discovering the essence background and meaning of every book in the new testament
  • ISBN : 0849914485
  • Total de Pages : 691 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Jeudi 7 Octobre 1999
  • Auteur : Mark Bailey
  • Éditeur : W Pub Group
  • Nom de Fichier : the-new-testament-explorer-discovering-the-essence-background-and-meaning-of-every-book-in-the-new-testament

The New Testament Explorer: Discovering the Essence, Background, and Meaning of Every Book in the New Testament est écrit par Mark Baileyavec un total de 691 pages et publié par W Pub Group le 1999-10-07.

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The New Testament Explorer provides a concise, on-target map for traveling through the New Testament. The reader is guided through the New Testament, providing an up-close and to-the-point examination of each paragraph of Scripture and the theological implications of the truths revealed. A great tool for teachers and pastors alike, this book comes equipped with outlines, narrative discussions, and applicable truths for teaching and for living.

Logic and Essence: Your Love Rescued Me

logic and essence your love rescued me
  • ISBN :
  • Total de Pages : 249 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mercredi 22 Juin 2016
  • Auteur : Kiara Neufville
  • Éditeur : Shan Presents, LLC
  • Nom de Fichier : logic-and-essence-your-love-rescued-me

Logic and Essence: Your Love Rescued Me est écrit par Kiara Neufvilleavec un total de 249 pages et publié par Shan Presents, LLC le 2016-06-22.

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***A Full Length Standalone***God send me an angelFrom the heavens aboveSend me an angel to heal my broken heartFrom being in love'Cause all I do is cryGod send me an angelTo wipe the tears from my eyes-Amanda PerezAt twenty four years old Essence had it all. A loving, caring boyfriend (Avon) of ten plus years and three beautiful children. Being in love with a person is the best feeling in the world when he loves you back. What happens when tragedy hits home and she losses the man in her life?Essence is stuck trying to figure out how to get out of the positions she's in. When depression hits home after loosing the best part of her life can she survive it or will she crack. With three kids needing their mother would that be her push to accept fate? Will a new start be just what she needs? Essence moves to North Carolina on a limb to be with her cousin Michelle.In North Carolina is Logic Tyler. He's every woman's dream. Being every woman's dream can cause problems but not for Logic. He's focused on money, and his daughter. Well that's until he meets Essence Norwood. Can he change Essence, Logic on love? Logic is in it to win over Essence heart but his baby mama Sabrina has other things in mind.Take a ride with beautifully damaged Essence and knight and shining armor Logic. See if love can heal all broken hearts and can Essence be rescued by Logics love.

Sacrifice: The Essence of Life

sacrifice the essence of life
  • ISBN : 1449789927
  • Total de Pages : 210 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Vendredi 12 Avril 2013
  • Auteur : John W. Abell
  • Éditeur : WestBowPress
  • Nom de Fichier : sacrifice-the-essence-of-life

Sacrifice: The Essence of Life est écrit par John W. Abellavec un total de 210 pages et publié par WestBowPress le 2013-04-12.

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The concept of sacrifice has been part of the human condition since before recorded time. Dating back to the earliest civilizations, sacrifices have been made for personal, religious, or social reasons. From archaeological records, evidence of the sacrifice of food, grains, animals, and even humans is well documented. From Mesopotamia to Egypt, from the Mayans to the Aztecs, they all exhibited some forms of sacrifice for a variety of reasons. As citizens of the United States, we have a unique perspective on the concept of sacrifice. Sacrifice has been engrained into the minds of Americans for over three hundred years, resulting in the forging of an American culture and eventually a nation based on the principles of freedom, justice, and liberty. Then there are those Americans who have given the last full measure of sacrifice for our country, our way of life, and the ideals upon which this country was founded. In his first published work, John Abell has taken a fresh look at the concept of sacrifice. In Sacrifice, the Essence of Life, John Abell gives numerous examples of heroic personal sacrifices made throughout American history. There are many true stories. From the American Revolution to modern-day acts of sacrifice, Abell helps us to be reminded that our country exists today because there have been literally millions throughout our nation's history who made extreme sacrifices that were the foundation for the blessings of liberty that we experience every day. Finally, Abell brings the reader to a predetermined place of reckoning, focusing on the concept of sacrifice and the mystery behind it all. What is the greatest example of sacrifice that we can learn from history? Is sacrifice a basic, fundamental, or even necessary ingredient to the human experience? John Abell believes sacrifice is fundamental to human existence, and in Sacrifice, the Essence of Life, he will explain why.

Introduction to art therapy: Easy course for understanding the essence, approaches and goals of art therapy. Psychology research (Psychological treatments)

introduction to art therapy easy course for understanding the essence approaches and goals of art therapy psychology research psychological treatments
  • ISBN :
  • Total de Pages : 23 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Dimanche 2 Avril 2017
  • Auteur : Dan M Zohar
  • Éditeur :
  • Nom de Fichier : introduction-to-art-therapy-easy-course-for-understanding-the-essence-approaches-and-goals-of-art-therapy-psychology-research-psychological-treatments

Introduction to art therapy: Easy course for understanding the essence, approaches and goals of art therapy. Psychology research (Psychological treatments) est écrit par Dan M Zoharavec un total de 23 pages le 2017-04-02.

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Discover How Easy It Is To Understand Art TherapyBy Reading This Book You Will Learn The Proper Way of for Understanding the Essence, Approaches and Goals of Art TherapyBy Reading This Book You Will Learn The Easiest way of understanding Psychological treatmentsThis Introduction to art therapy Book Can Be Used by General readers who are interested in Psychology, As Well As Those Who have Psychology education.Don't worry If You Don't Have Kindle device. You Can Still Read This Book On Your Web Browser by Simply Using Amazon Free Cloud Reader.This ebook contains proven steps and strategies on How to do Art therapyThis ebook will help you in understanding the essence, approaches and goals of art therapy.You no longer need to spend a lot of money and time in sourcing for information about the topic. The reaserch included in this book is very easy for understanding.You’ll Find The Following Main Benefits in This Ebook: => Each chapter in this ebook is informational and fun for reading.=> There are step-by-step directions for understanding the psychology behind the art therapy that makes the process of reading much easier and quicker.=> The navigation between the chapters has been made super easy.=> The ebook comes with table of contents which made switching to your preferred and desirable chapter very easy by just clicking on the heading.Take Action Right Away To Read Introduction to art therapy From The Comfort of Your Home.Grab Your Copy Today!

The Essence of Perfume

the essence of perfume
  • ISBN : 1908966467
  • Total de Pages : 272 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mardi 14 Octobre 2014
  • Auteur : Roja Dove
  • Éditeur : Black Dog Publishing
  • Nom de Fichier : the-essence-of-perfume

The Essence of Perfume est écrit par Roja Doveavec un total de 272 pages et publié par Black Dog Publishing le 2014-10-14.

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Roja Dove’s passion for fragrance is contagious. As the world’s leading perfume authority, Dove leads us on an extravagant journey through the world of scent, from Ancient Egypt, where myth has it that the fragrance Kypi induced mass surrender, through to the 1920s, when Jean Harlow’s husband—maddened by his love and frustrated by his impotence—drenched himself in his wife’s perfume before ending his life. We hear about the many episodes born from the bitter rivalry between Coco Chanel and “that Italian”, Elsa Schiaparelli, and which of today’s celebrity fragrances are the most offensive.The Essence of Perfume is the first book by the world’s only Professeur de Parfums, and it is as captivating as it is informative. Beginning with a comprehensive discussion of the sense of smell and the materials of the master perfumer, The Essence of Perfume goes on to celebrate the great classics, the makers who brought them to life and the bottle makers who gave them shape. In an age where the methods and motivations of the original perfumers are all but forgotten, Roja Dove unfolds the gripping story of scent with all the passion and devotion of a true artist.

Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume

essence and alchemy a natural history of perfume
  • ISBN : 1586857029
  • Total de Pages : 256 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mercredi 6 Octobre 2004
  • Auteur : Mandy Aftel
  • Éditeur : Gibbs Smith
  • Nom de Fichier : essence-and-alchemy-a-natural-history-of-perfume

Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume est écrit par Mandy Aftelavec un total de 256 pages et publié par Gibbs Smith le 2004-10-06.

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Publishers Weekly called this unique title an "extraordinary treatise on the history and making of perfume" and hails author Mandy Aftel's ability to "bring sheer delight in the bouquet of aromas in the natural world" and her "irreverent sensibility that embraces 'little-acknowledged' aphrodisiacs like the smell of sweat." Renowned perfumer Mandy Aftel explores the primal nature and fundamental importance of aroma in everyday life, teaching people about the nature of smell and the idea of "olfactory consciousness" in Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume. With gorgeous illustrations, the book also serves as a practical guide to making custom scents for a variety of uses, and explains the process of selecting "base notes", "heart notes" and "head notes" to create truly personal aromas and perfumes. Writer and perfumer Mandy Aftel was a founder and chief perfumer of all-natural perfume company Grandiflorum, and went on to create Aftelier, a company that concentrates exclusively on creating custom perfumes for men and women. As an authority on natural essences and custom perfumes, she has participated in panels for the perfume industry, and demonstrated and taught the art of natural perfumery across the nation. Her work has been featured in publications including In Style, Vogue, W Magazine, Self, O (Oprah) Magazine, Allure, Health and Elle. "Smelling her extraordinary collection of oils took me to beautiful places I have never been before. The fragrance that Mandy Aftel blended exclusively for me is full of citrus and herbal fragrances that complement my culinary life." --Alice Waters, Executive Chef and Owner celebrated restaurant Chez Panisse "Reading Mandy Aftel on perfume is like listening to Mozart on original instruments-it's a revelation of tone and technique. She captures the sensuous pleasure of working with fragrance oils and the intellectual delight of composing in scent. Her book combines a perfumer's sensibility with the authority of a historian and the passion of an enthusiast." --Avery Gilbert, President of the Sense of Smell Institute

Essence of Malice, The: An Amory Ames Mystery

essence of malice the an amory ames mystery
  • ISBN : 125006046X
  • Total de Pages : 304 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mardi 5 Septembre 2017
  • Auteur : Ashley Weaver
  • Éditeur : Minotaur Books
  • Nom de Fichier : essence-of-malice-the-an-amory-ames-mystery

Essence of Malice, The: An Amory Ames Mystery est écrit par Ashley Weaveravec un total de 304 pages et publié par Minotaur Books le 2017-09-05.

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Edgar Award-shortlisted author Ashley Weaver returns with the next installment in the Amory Ames mystery series. The Essence of Malice is filled with her trademark style, wit and clever plotting, sure to delight and charm traditional mystery fans."In this highly enjoyable and engrossing mystery, Ashley Weaver―with her sure touch for evoking elegance and glamour―wafts her appealing and determined heroine Amory into the world of perfumers, family secrets and the heady whiff of murder. I loved the evocation of scents, skilful shifts of suspicion and the satisfying conclusion." ―Frances Brody“The scent of murder and betrayal fills the Paris air . . . The climactic surprise makes this the best of her mysteries to date.” ―Kirkus Reviews“For pity’s sake, darling, let me finish my coffee before you begin concocting schemes.”When Amory Ames’s husband Milo receives a troubling letter from his childhood nanny, Madame Nanette, the couple travel to Paris where they become embroiled in a mystery surrounding the death of a famous parfumier. Helios Belanger died suddenly, shortly before the release of his new, highly anticipated perfume, and Madame Nanette, who works for his family, is convinced that her employer’s death was not due to natural causes.The more Amory and Milo look into the motives of industry rivals and the Belanger heirs who are vying for control of his perfume empire, the more they are convinced that Madame Nanette may be right. When secrets unfold and things take a dangerous turn, Amory and Milo must work quickly to uncover the essence of the matter and catch a killer before the scent goes cold.Also out now in the Amory Ames mysteries: Murder at the Brightwell, Death Wears a Mask and A Most Novel Revenge

Esencia De La Materia Medica Homeopatica/ The Essence of Material Medica: Sintomas, Rasgos De Caracter Y Sustancias / Symptoms, Character Gestures and ... y Salud / Life and Health) (Spanish Edition)

esencia de la materia medica homeopatica the essence of material medica sintomas rasgos de caracter y sustancias symptoms character gestures and y salud life and health spanish edition
  • ISBN : 8449318726
  • Total de Pages : 287 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mercredi 1 Mars 2006
  • Auteur : George Vithoulkas
  • Éditeur : Paidos Iberica Ediciones S A
  • Nom de Fichier : esencia-de-la-materia-medica-homeopatica-the-essence-of-material-medica-sintomas-rasgos-de-caracter-y-sustancias-symptoms-character-gestures-and-y-salud-life-and-health-spanish-edition

Esencia De La Materia Medica Homeopatica/ The Essence of Material Medica: Sintomas, Rasgos De Caracter Y Sustancias / Symptoms, Character Gestures and ... y Salud / Life and Health) (Spanish Edition) est écrit par George Vithoulkasavec un total de 287 pages et publié par Paidos Iberica Ediciones S A le 2006-03-01.

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One of the founding fathers of homeopathy uncovers everything there is to know about the subject.

Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis (2nd Edition)

essence of decision explaining the cuban missile crisis 2nd edition
  • ISBN : 0321013492
  • Total de Pages : 416 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Vendredi 29 Janvier 1999
  • Auteur : Graham Allison
  • Éditeur : Pearson
  • Nom de Fichier : essence-of-decision-explaining-the-cuban-missile-crisis-2nd-edition

Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis (2nd Edition) est écrit par Graham Allisonavec un total de 416 pages et publié par Pearson le 1999-01-29.

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One of the most influental political science works written in the post World War II era, the original edition of Essence of Decision is a unique and fascinating examination of the pivotal event of the cold Cold War. Not simply revised, but completely re-written, the Second Edition of this classic text is a fresh reinterpretation of the theories and events surrounding the Cuban Missle Crisis, incorporating all new information from the Kennedy tapes and recently declassified Soviet files. Essence of Decision Second Edition, is a vivid look at decision-making under pressure and is the only single volume work that attempts to answer the enduring question: how should citizens understand the actions of their government?

Healing Presence: The Essence of Nursing, Second Edition

healing presence the essence of nursing second edition
  • ISBN : 0826107540
  • Total de Pages : 344 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mercredi 23 Mars 2011
  • Auteur : JoEllen Goertz Koerner RN PhD FAAN
  • Éditeur : Springer Publishing Company
  • Nom de Fichier : healing-presence-the-essence-of-nursing-second-edition

Healing Presence: The Essence of Nursing, Second Edition est écrit par JoEllen Goertz Koerner RN PhD FAANavec un total de 344 pages et publié par Springer Publishing Company le 2011-03-23.

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Praise for the Previous Edition: ...represents an act of passion for the profession....The work's value comes from its integration of scientific, creative, and spiritual philosophies as a core context for the complex nurse-patient interaction involved in the promotion of a healing environment....Recommended." —Choice At the center of professional nursing lies the "authentic presence" of the nurse -- the intention and commitment that brings us to the profession, and unfolds as we develop as nurses. In this new edition, JoEllen Koerner explores the intersection of scientific, creative, and spiritual ways of knowing that inform and inspire this "healing presence" in caregiver and patient. Revised, updated, and refocused, the book integrates traditional nursing practice with cutting-edge alternative and integrative medicine. The author expands our' awareness of Allopathic and alternative ways of healing as rooted in Native Healing practices. The book also explores new models for transpersonal caring through the lens of philosophy, spirituality, and complexity science. It is a profoundly important resource for nurse educators, students, and practitioners. Key features: Presents the Nursing Triad model: nurse as scientist, artist, and healing presence Examines the bioenergetic body-the "five bodies" that comprise our being and infuse our becoming Discusses the physiology and philosophy behind healing presence Analyzes the healing process between nurse and patient, from embracing suffering to transcending polarities and enhancing capacity

Healing Presence: The Essence of Nursing

healing presence the essence of nursing
  • ISBN : 0826115756
  • Total de Pages : 248 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Lundi 14 Mai 2007
  • Auteur :
  • Éditeur : Springer Publishing Company
  • Nom de Fichier : healing-presence-the-essence-of-nursing

Healing Presence: The Essence of Nursing est écrit par avec un total de 248 pages et publié par Springer Publishing Company le 2007-05-14.

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An invitation for all nurses to re-engage with the passion and commitment that originally inspired them! ...represents an act of passion for the profession, a window to a personal journey, and an invitation to view the nursing profession's contribution to healing in a Jungian context....The work's value comes from its integration of scientific, creative, and spiritual philosophies as a core context for the complex nurse-patient interaction involved in the promotion of a healing environment....Recommended."--Choice Nursing is at a crossroads, facing shortages of unparalleled proportion at a time when society is experiencing health care challenges of great magnitude. At the center of professional nursing lies the authentic presence of the nurse, the intention and commitment that brings nurses to the profession in the first place. When there is congruence between who nurses are and what they do, nurses bring their souls to work. This balance is experienced as a healing presence that encourages the patient's self-healing capacity. Throughout this book, JoEllen Koerner explores ways--scientific, creative, and spiritual--of understanding the power and impact of this "healing presence" on both the caregiver and those receiving care. Wisdom from the field is presented in a series of reflections from multiple areas of practice. For all nurses and nursing students, the book offers practical application strategies for integrating the nursing process with the nurse's presence and a framework for personal and professional development.

The Essence of Life and Love in Australia

the essence of life and love in australia
  • ISBN : 1463567022
  • Total de Pages : 132 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Dimanche 12 Juin 2011
  • Auteur : Margaret Lynette Sharp
  • Éditeur : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Nom de Fichier : the-essence-of-life-and-love-in-australia

The Essence of Life and Love in Australia est écrit par Margaret Lynette Sharpavec un total de 132 pages et publié par CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform le 2011-06-12.

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ABOUT THE BOOK 'The Essence of Life and Love in Australia' is a collection of twenty-eight contemporary Short Stories, set in both city and country Australia. The book is diverse. Many stories are written in the first person, with the narrator being a man on more than a few occasions. There are plenty of romantic scenarios, many ending happily, others needing further resolution. The mood of the tales diverges from serious and reflective to light-hearted. I believe it's a 'feel good' book since, to me, it effortlessly transports ones thoughts away, engaging our emotions upon the characters and their fortunes, reaching a conclusion satisfying in one way or another. A special feature of my books is the wide spacings of words at carefully chosen places. The author's husband, Ronald Sharp B.E.M., the creator of the Grand Organ in the Sydney Opera House, has used his artistry to incorporate this to enhance comprehension, akin to breathing and pausing in singing. Since the stories are quite succinct, they are ideal to read in situations where time is strictly limited, such as waiting-rooms or while traveling. Because they delve into a variety of aspects of human nature, they shed light on personality, and the way of the world, I believe. The author's favourite stories from this book include 'Language of Love', a light-hearted tale of romance; 'At Seventeen', a tale of a young lady's infatuation with an older man; and 'My Daughter Sally', a father's account of his daughter's unrequited interest in a privileged local bachelor. If you are looking for an easy to read, mixed collection of (very) short yet satisfying stories, well-written and evocative, then I recommend you consider 'The Essence of Life and Love in Australia'.

The Essence: A Pledge Novel (The Pledge Trilogy)

the essence a pledge novel the pledge trilogy
  • ISBN : 1442445602
  • Total de Pages : 368 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Mardi 31 Décembre 2013
  • Auteur : Kimberly Derting
  • Éditeur : Margaret K. McElderry Books
  • Nom de Fichier : the-essence-a-pledge-novel-the-pledge-trilogy

The Essence: A Pledge Novel (The Pledge Trilogy) est écrit par Kimberly Dertingavec un total de 368 pages et publié par Margaret K. McElderry Books le 2013-12-31.

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“Danger, dread, mystery, and romance” (Booklist) continue in the second book of The Pledge trilogy, as Charlie’s reign is under siege from the most unusual of enemies.At the luminous conclusion of The Pledge, Charlaina defeated the tyrant Sabara and took her place as Queen of Ludania. But Charlie knows that Sabara has not disappeared: The evil queen’s Essence is fused to Charlie’s psyche, ready to arise at the first sign of weakness. Charlie is not weak, but she’s being pushed to the brink. In addition to suppressing the ever-present influence of Sabara, she’s busy being queen—and battling a growing resistance determined to return Ludania to its discriminatory caste system. Charlie wants to be the same girl Max loves, who Brook trusts, but she’s Your Majesty now, and she feels torn in two. As Charlie journeys to an annual summit to meet with leaders of nearby Queendoms—an event where her ability to understand all languages will be the utmost asset—she is faced with the ultimate betrayal. And the only person she can turn to for help is the evil soul residing within.

Essence of Leadership (Global Manager)

essence of leadership global manager
  • ISBN : 1861523688
  • Total de Pages : 496 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Jeudi 20 Août 1998
  • Auteur : Andrew Kakabadse
  • Éditeur : Cengage Learning EMEA
  • Nom de Fichier : essence-of-leadership-global-manager

Essence of Leadership (Global Manager) est écrit par Andrew Kakabadseavec un total de 496 pages et publié par Cengage Learning EMEA le 1998-08-20.

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This book tackles every aspect of leadership technique and philosophy and discusses them in a global context. Essence of Leadership, based on the latest research, examines a vast scope of leadership issues and looks at the best practice of leadership as exhibited by global business leaders. Consisting of 14 chapters and divided into three parts, the book will explore the transactional side of leadership, examine the nature of transformational thinking and describe and comment on high level leadership performance.