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Druuna Serpieri Collection Vol 0 Anima

druuna serpieri collection vol 0 anima
  • ISBN : 8865273925
  • Total de Pages : 65 pages
  • Date de Sortie : Jeudi 0
  • Auteur : Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
  • Éditeur : Lo Scarabeo
  • Nom de Fichier : druuna-serpieri-collection-vol-0-anima

Druuna Serpieri Collection Vol 0 Anima est écrit par Paolo Eleuteri Serpieriavec un total de 65 pages et publié par Lo Scarabeo.

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Nearly 30 years after the first Druuna graphic novel, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, one of the masters of erotic art, reveals a new chapter of Druuna's epic adventure. This prequel is set in a still pristine world, immersed in a dreamlike silence - presented with no words or captions. Druuna rides a flying creature on a fantasy world, is saved by a handsome Tarzan-like warrior from a grisly death by boa constrictor, befriends a giant leopard, meets a hideous monster and a lost tribe of pygmies. Then she is introduced to an earth mother goddess and a lovely woman. Together they must hazard a perilous escape from the pygmies and the creatures that they control. Eventually the two girls become lovers... Features a short introduction in English, German, Italian, and Spanish.